K 2 Artillery bunker

  The military threat  

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During the years of the Cold War, the countries of the Warsaw-Pact believed that the next war would be started by the “West” and that the Eastern-bloc would then strike back forcefully and fight the war on the territory of the West. The northern front in their advance toward the west was given the code name “Coastal front”. Their strategic plan was to conquer Denmark as well as the northern part of West Germany, in order to secure a safe thoroughfare for their ships through the Danish waters to the Baltic Sea. Consequently, Denmark became a small chess piece in the Warsaw Pacts strategic war plan. But there were plenty of difficulties in preparing the best possible plan to attack Denmark.

In bunker two we have an exhibition of uniforms, weapons and equipment of the Warsaw Pact armed-forces, as well as some that were used by the West.

There are not many museums outside Germany that can show the East German “Blücher” medal, which would have been granted to members of the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) for heroic deeds during the third World War. The medal was never granted, because the cold war never turned hot…..fortunately!


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