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  Nature around the Fort  

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Langelandsfort is situated in a unique natural environment, which is otherwise not open to civilians. Here you will find virgin moorland and newly planted forest, surrounded by a bird sanctuary. At the same time one has a fantastic view over the Baltic sea and the Langeland belt.



In Southern Langeland we find an ancient forest with interesting plants and beautiful views. This is where wild horses graze. There are good opportunities for fishing from the coast and especially in Autumn one can see different birds of prey.

Since the nineteen seventies, the Ministry of the Environment has purchased large areas of agricultural land, in order to improve the living conditions of animals and plants. Some areas have been planted with deciduous trees, others have been cleared for grazing and the remaining agricultural land is husbanded without chemicals and with limited amounts of fertilizer. This open countryside with grass and herbs offers excellent living conditions for many wild animals, which must struggle for survival under the difficult conditions in modern agriculture.

“Come and be part of it” is the slogan of the island. And for the people of Langeland it means: “come and be yourself”. Because here you will find space to be yourself, whether you prefer listening to Haydn or Bartok, plaid by one of the best string quartets in the world, the Taksács quartet, in the church at Stoense, or prefer to sing along at the Langeland Festival with the group called Shubidua in the song called "Hvalen Valborg".

Come and see the tough, wild Exmoor pony’s on the rough beaches in their habitat near Klise Nors.

Experience the Øpacket-Tour, sailing between the small islands south of Fyn on board the museum ship Mjølner", or get yourself an adrenalin kick while wind- or kite surfing near the surfing center of Langeland, or dive to the wrecks of the minesweeper M 36 or Tromp. The statisticians don’t lie when they tell you there are fewer clouds, more hours of sunshine and less rain in this part of Denmark. Come and enjoy the place where the Danish poet Oehlenschläger wrote: “This is a lovely country” which is the title of the danish national anthem.



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