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A Polish MIG-15 jetfighter in the exhibition.

On 5 March 1953 a Polish pilot, who had escaped from Poland, landed his Russian built MIG-15 jetfighter on the Danish island of Bornholm. He was the first of three Polish pilots who escaped from Poland with their aircraft during the Cold War.

The Historical Collection of the Danish Airforce at Kaarup has obtained a Polish MIG-15 jetfighter in exchange for a Danish Starfighter. The MIG was collected in Poland in May 2015 and then thoroughly restored in Denmark.

The aeroplane was exhibited at the Danish aircraft museum until the end of 2015. After that it “flew” on to the museum of the Cold War at Langelandsfort, where it arrived on 26 April 2016. It was reconstructed by volunteers from the “Danmarks Flymuseum” (=Denmarks Aircraftmuseum”) and is now on exhibition for the public at Langelandsfort museum.


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