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Between 1953 and 1993, the fortress had 13 commanding officers. These officers had the rank of ďKommandÝrkaptajnĒ (equal to a Commander in the Royal Navy), which means that they had many years of service behind them. For some of them, this was their last posting before retirement. The first commander was called Erik Ǻlborg. He commanded the fortress for four years. Most of his successors served for only two or three years. Exceptions to this rule were N.F. Jessen and U. Anderson with six and five years respectively. Each of the commanders had his own customs. One of them used to go around the barracks and look through the windows, to see if there were any men in the rooms, which was not allowed. The commander who was feared most was Jessen, because he came from the Royal Yacht ďDannebrogĒ.  But that turned out to be a misjudgement. He proved to be a very pleasant chief. Under his command, the informal address ďduĒ was introduced. The last commanding officer, who later closed-down the fortress, was Lieutenant-Commander H. Eggert-SÝrensen. Although he was almost bald, his officer colleagues always called him ďKrÝlleĒ (Curly).

  KommandÝrkaptajn Erik Ňlborg KommandÝrkaptajn Jack Nielsen KommandÝrkaptajn JÝrgen Hviid  
  Chef  15.09.53 - 05.10.57 Chef  05.10.57 - 23.09.61 Chef  23.09.61 - 22.02.62  
KommandÝrkaptajn Ole Felding KommandÝrkaptajn Gyller KommandÝrkaptajn Juul Hansen
  Chef 22.02.62 - 21.05.64 Chef  21.05.64 - 15.06.66 Chef  15.06.66 - 11.06.69  
  KommandÝrkaptajn J.B.Pranov KommandÝrkaptajn H. Harbo-Hansen KommandÝrkaptajn N.F.Z. Jessen  
  Chef  11.06.69 - 09.12.70 Chef  09.12.70 - 31.10.74 Chef  31.10.74 - 31.01.80  
  KommandÝrkaptajn Ulrik Andersen KommandÝrkaptajn Preben Groth Orlogskaptajn Poul Vistrup  
  Chef  01.02.80 - 01.04.85 Chef  01.04.85 - 01.06.86 Chef  01.06.86 - 31.07.88  
  KommandÝrkaptajn Peter S.Aa.Noppenau      
  Chef  01.08.88 - 1993      

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