The end  

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Tuesday, 6 April 1993, was a grey day, with no sign of spring yet.  That was the day the Danish Navy officially closed down Langelandsfort. An era had come to an end and when it came, it came extremely fast. For a long time rumours about closing down the fortress had circulated and finally hardly anyone had believed them any more. But the Aliens office, which urgently needed space to house refugees from civil-war torn Yugoslavia, had been looking around for useful military installations. And the barracks of the fortress were ideal for housing the approximately three hundred persons. Consequently, in March, all the furniture, mattresses, beds, chairs, tables, equipment, mobile guns and even the old-fashioned frontloading cannon on the barracks square had been removed from the buildings of the barracks. Everything that reminded even remotely of war had to go.


On 6 April, all clearing-out work was finished. At 12 o’clock the 19 men crew and the civilian employees were drawn up on the parade square of the fortress. The members of the home-guard and other military personnel who had been connected to the fortress stood in the background. Captain Hans Eggert Sørensen gave a short farewell speech and then the flag was lowered. An important workplace, for a while even the largest on the island, was gone, half a year before its 40th anniversary.


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