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  SDU to co-operate with Langelandsfort.  

These two institutions intend to increase their efforts to research the history of the Cold War. The Center for Cold War Studies at the “Syddansk Universitet” (University of Southern Denmark) has entered into a partnership with Langelands Museum to develop an exhibition about the Cold War at the Langelandsfort. This co-operation will strengthen the research of the Cold-War and develop Langelandsfort into a national and international observation post for Danish history.

“In our research we have given special interest to Denmark’s relationships with the other countries that border on the Baltic Sea, as well as to their reasons for wanting to spy on and infiltrate Denmark. According to Erik Kulavig, who is a lecturer at the abovementioned Centre, Langelandsfort is an essential part of that history and therefore the co-operation offers an excellent opportunity to study Denmark’s recent history.

Langelandsfort, which was commissioned in 1952, was an important part of Denmark’s defence against the countries of the Warsaw Pact. As the fortress was situated at the entrance to the Storebælt, it could guard over all traffic sailing out of and into the Baltic Sea. The Danish armed forces decommissioned the fortress in the 1990’s, when the cold war was over. But in 1997 it was re-opened as a museum to tell about the history of Denmark during the cold war. You can see the exhibition in its original surroundings, which consist of bunkers, long range- and anti-aircraft artillery positions. The museum also shows a Swedish built “Draken” jet, a Soviet “MiG 23” hunter, the submarine “Springeren” and the mine sweeper “Askø”. The museum is visited by more than 40.000 persons per year.

At present, the two partners are working together to bring the exhibition “The dissident is the enemy” to Denmark in the spring of 2009. This exhibition has been developed from the files of the STASI (former East German secret police) in Berlin and focuses on life behind the iron curtain. This will be the first time the exhibition is shown outside Germany. The two partners are planning on co-operating in several other research projects.

For further information please call:
lector Erik Kulavig at the Centre for Cold War studies, +45-65 50 34 15
or his deputy, Thomas Wegener Friis, +45-65 50 22 68 (mobile: +45-25 67 63 80)

The Centre for Cold War Studies was founded at the University of Southern Denmark in 2006 for the purpose of  providing Danish and foreign scientists with an opportunity to study modern history. It has arranged a number of international conferences, published scientific papers and reports and participated in the public debate about recent history.

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  Letter to the Inspection of Armament, Praque 21. september 1943  

[1]21 September 1943 

To the

Inspection of Armament, Prague


NHC* 15 cm SK C/28

purchase of armour plating shields

                                             With its letter SS 7026-2231/42, dated 16-2-‘43, OKM ¹ placed an order for the production of 40 additional complete artillery pieces of the type 15 cm Sk C/28. We have ordered the required armour plating shields for these artillery pieces from Witkowitzer Mining- and Foundry Co., which, in the past, has delivered the armour plating shields for all our earlier OKM-orders.

We were surprised to receive a letter, reference nr. 834/Kf-1 dated 4.9.43 from the aforementioned company, refusing to deliver these armour shields.

The letter in question reads as follows: 

“With reference to your abovementioned production order, we herewith inform you that we recently had to accept several large and very urgent orders from other parties. We regret very much having to inform you that we are not in a position to produce the 40 armour plating shields you have ordered. We hope we’ll be able to serve you better in the future.

the same time we have given instructions that the purchase-order for the 200 000 kg iron alloy, nr, 3062-11/D/43 dated 9-8-‘43, which you issued to us, shall be returned to you.” 

As mentioned before, OKM approved the appointment of the company in question as a sub-contractor for all the products ordered by OKM. After some of the earlier difficulties had been overcome, the question of the transfer of drawings and purchase-orders has also been solved. Eighty armour plating shields, identical to the ones we have recently ordered from Witkowitzer, have already been delivered to us in the past. One may therefore assume that their production was well under way. 

We doubt that it will be possible to purchase these armour plating shields from another company and, even if that should be possible, the question of transferring the drawings, materials etc., which are already available at Witkowitzer, should have to be solved. This would certainly delay the production considerably. As demanded by OKM, the delivery times for the artillery pieces were kept to a minimum, based on our assumption that the armour plating shields would be delivered to us in time, as usual, by Witkowitzer. 

Therefore we kindly request the Inspection of Armaments to intercede with the company in question on our behalf, in co-operation with the OKM.



2x D-I/D/24942



Original + 2 copies              Insp. Armament

4th copy                                                     H.Ob.Dir.Indra

5th – 7th copies                                          Pls

8th copy                                                     D

9th copy                                                     D-I


[1] The German title „Oberkommando der Marine“ (abbreviated OKM) can be translated as “Naval High Command”.



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  Letter to the Inspection of Armament, Praque 16 november 1943  

16 November 1943



To the

Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine *


Berlin W 35

Via Marine Abnst. In Pilsen

Kst.Drb.L M 36.423 u.

Kst.Drb.L M 43 –

Order Nr. SS-7026-2044/43

Ref. Our letter D-I/D/62064 dated 9.9.43



                                            Because the production of the rotating coastal gun mounts has encountered several difficulties, many of which have not yet been resolved, we inform the OKM in the following four paragraphs about these problems and request the necessary decisions and instructions to be issued.


1/   The materials required for the production of the rotating coastal gun mounts were ordered from the Raw Materials Office of the OKM by means of Iron orders nrs. 924 and 925 for III/43 and IV/43. A reminder was sent in the beginning of October. Our iron orders were prepared on the basis of the rationing documents of the Krupp Company. We are not able to work out exact details for the amounts of iron alloy, because until now we are only in possession of approx. 25% of the required documents. Due to the non-delivery of the ordered materials, we are unable to maintain the delivery dates mentioned in our letter D-I/D/61064 to OKM A Wa BB.

2/   The delay in sending us the production manuals by the Krupp Company also affects the delivery dates promised to the OKM.

3/   We have already informed the OKM, in our letter D-I/D/61064 dated 9.9.43, that we are able to deliver 5 groups of  “cradle bearer, mechanical firing device, propulsion for elevating gear, elevating gear and seat and foot pedals for elevating gear”, in accordance with group list 305-1505.000/Gr/” per month.

Of these groups, 2 will be used to complete the monthly delivery of the 2 sets of Kst.Drb.LM 43/ as agreed upon between us and OKM. If OKM should reduce its order SS 7026/43 to 22 pieces, the remaining capacity could be transferred to another company, which also builds Kst.Dr.LM 43.

At this occasion we announce that the Krupp Company has placed an order for 40 cradle bearers with us. We await the approval of OKM for the transfer of this order, before we send our confirmation.

4/   With the OKM order Nr. SS 7026-2231/42 for the delivery of 40 complete 15 cm SK C/28 assemblies, we also received an order for 60 pieces elevating gear, propulsion for elevating gear with exception of the housing for the earlier gun mountings as well as 60 aiming devices according to specifications of Rheinmetall-Borsig for type 15 cm SK C/28. These aiming devices are already in production.   

      As may be seen in the group list for order SS 7026-2044/43 for Kst.Drb.LM 43, this order also includes aiming devices. The required drawings have, however, not yet been received from Krupp. Therefore we request instructions whether we should continue the production of the aiming devices as specified in order SS 7026-2231/42. As can be deduced from group list for Kst.Drb.LM 43, the aiming devices for the turrets must be constructed according to different drawings.


                                         We request OKM to send us the necessary information and the approvals for the required materials as well as the production specifications from the Krupp Company.


                                                                                                                                                                     Yours respectfully



Attachments: 2x D-I/D/29391 /Cop./ -



Copy                                                        1x Mar.Abnst. -

                                                                 1x OKM A Wa B IIIa

                                                                  4x Pilsen

                                                                 1x Res.



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