Children’s days at Langelandsfort


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            Children’s Days     

Children’s Days: Every Tuesday between week 27 and week 32, and Tuesday and Thursday in week 42 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Tickets cost 20 DKK and are sold until 2 p.m.



How would you like to go for a ride around Langelandsfort in the back of a military vehicle, dating back to the years of the Cold War? Or would you like to dare your brother or sister, friend or girlfriend, for a run on the military-style obstacle course for children? If your answer is yes, you should come to our children’s day, because all that is possible during the Danish summer holidays. 

An original REO-M6 is ready to take the museum’s young visitors on an alternative tour around the compound. We’ve also built an obstacle course with a balance beam, (childfriendly) barbed wire and car tyres, just as it was used when the Langelandfort barracks was still on active duty during the days of the Cold War.

When you have been properly shaken-up by the lorry ride and have accomplished the obstacle course, you might like to bake some bread-on-a-stick over the campfire. And who knows, maybe you’d like to try the obstacle course once more to improve your score! 

For admittance to all this fun, you can purchase an “orlogsbog” at the reception-office for DKr. 20,-. The Cold War Museum is organizing these children’s days, in co-operation with the supporters-society. “Orlogsbok” tickets are sold until 14 o’clock. 





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